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About Us

Shivam School of Nursing is being started in the year 2017 with the fore sight and vision to prepare professional nurses, in order to improve standards of nursing service through quality education. College is equipped with qualified and competent teachers, good physical infrastructure, Library and most importantly students get opportunity for clinical learning in parent teaching hospital with 150 bedded. Nursing students do have benefit of contributions from interdisciplinary teaching faculty and ample opportunity for extra-curricular activities as school has excellent facilities for the same. We warmly invite you to be a proud nursing student of Shivam School of Nursing.

Course Details

ANM is a dimploma course (Duration 2 years)
First academic year may be a yearlong. Second year is divided into two phases that is 1st six months are pure tutorial study and also the different 6 months are dedicated towards situation.
After finishing this curse, successful candidates could register themselves as nurse with state nurse registrastion council.
Eligibility Criteria
Candidate should be a minimum of seventeen years aged. Candidate should not be quite 35years aged.
Inter (10+2) Subject
Science, Commerce, Arts or equivalent with 45% minimum marks.
Admission Process
We follow the "Direct Admission" method. Seats are assigned to worth candidates supported their mixture in 10+2 examination.

Fee Structure for the course

Auxiliary Nurse & Midwives (A.N.M)

Sl. No. Duration Amount
1st year Every 6 month Semi 1 45,000/-
Semi 2 38,000/-
2nd year Every 6 month Semi 1 45,000/-
Semi 2 32,000/-
Total for 2 Yeras 1,60,000/-
Note: Scholarship as per welfare Department, Government of Jharkhand.

Nursing as a profession

Nursing involves the care of people throughout the continuum of life and provides an essential service to humankind. As career professionals, nurses improve the quality of health care delivery.
There are many positive aspects of being a nurse. There is nothing more rewarding than a patient giving thanks and telling you how much you have helped them. Also, there are so many opportunities and career paths that are available for nurses. Nursing offers opportunities from bedside practice to the president or top administrator of a healthcare organization. Clinical specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse administrator and nurse educator are just a few examples of the variety of opportunities awaiting you in a nursing career. Nurses are also appointed and elected to influential government positions. If you choose nursing, you will discover a career filled with personal and professional rewards. There will be even more opportunities in the future, as entire health care system transforms because of new technology, changing population demographics and many other factors. The rise in health care needs, combined with a dwindling supply of nurses and an aging nurse population (the average age is 44), is putting the nurses in the driver's seat when it comes to the job hunt.


The programme uses wide range of interactive teaching methodologies like Audio visual aids, hospital visits and educational tours, seminars and presentations, internal tests, quiz, guest lectures, workshops and group discussion to equip the students with the capacity to carry out independent nursing research.
Completion of the courses within stipulated time.
The school has tie-up with 150 beded Sadar Hospital for practical training.

Career Options & Placement Opportunities

Clinical Areas : Independent nurses practice, Certified Nurse Midwife, Nurse Adminstrator, Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse practioner, Staff Nurse, Enterpreneur, Military Nursing, Nursing Informatics, Research Nurse, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse.
Education : Clinical Nurse educator, Staff development officer, Classroom and Clinical teacher, Nurse Researcher, Nurse Educator, Nurse Director, Nurse Editor.


Shivam School of Nursing believes that Helath is a state of well being that enables a person to lead a psychologically, socially and economically productive life. Health is the fundamental right of all people, individuals, families and communities have a responsibility towards maintaining their health. The prime objectives of the School are to develop highly skilled undergraduate and post-graduate Nursing Students.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure (OCT-SEP)
Course Nursing Department
1st Year
OCT 21000 35000 45000
NOV 20000 35000 45000
DEC 6000 15000 15000
JAN 6000 11000 15000
FEB 6000 10000 15000
MAR 6000 10000 15000
APRIL 6000 10000 15000
MAY 6000 10000 15000
JUNE 6000 10000 15000
TOTAL (1ST YR) 83000 156000 205000
2nd Year
OCT 29000 45000 55000
NOV 6000 15000 15000
DEC 6000 15000 15000
JAN 6000 15000 15000
FEB 6000 10000 15000
MAR 6000 10000 15000
APR 6000 10000 15000
MAY 6000 10000 15000
JUN 6000 10000 15000
TOTAL (2ND YR) 77000 150000 185000
3rd Year
OCT 44000 35000
NOV 15000 15000
DEC 15000 15000
JAN 15000 15000
FEB 10000 15000
MAR 10000 15000
APR 10000 15000
MAY 8000 15000
JUN 7000 10000
JULY 10000 NIL
TOTAL (2ND YR) 144000 160000
TOTAL 160000 4,50,000 5,50,000
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